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Government Affairs Services

As a private company, government agency, or nonprofit you will be confronted by the challenges of the public policy process. Our team of professionals has decades of experience and hands-on know-how at all levels of government from the State Legislature to local boards and commissions.


Catherine Lew with Vice President Al Gore.

The Lew Edwards Group specializes in grassroots advocacy campaigns and broad-based Coalition-Building. We will influence opinion leaders and shape public attitudes by crafting compelling messages and recruiting effective allies — often engaging in outreach with non-traditional networks to expand your Coalition. We forge links among diverse groups through direct contact and build relationships to support your issues.

Whether it’s working behind the scenes with other professionals or mounting a grassroots campaign to rally the public behind your cause, we will create the advocacy effort that fits your needs.

Our services include:

  • Development of overall Coalition strategy
  • Collateral materials development and refinement
  • Creating expanded and comprehensive Coalition Target lists
  • Coalition Outreach and Activation
  • Facilitating localized Coalition partner advocacy
  • Earned media strategies and tactics implementation
  • Speakers Bureau and training activities

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