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Our Services

Our consulting services include campaign management, media, direct mail, communications strategies, and grassroots organizing techniques for elected officials, public agencies, private industries and nonprofits.

The Lew Edwards Group takes time to learn about the unique character of your political district, market region or city. While other consultants merely recycle the same old strategies, we create opportunities to study your community and its constituents. We pride ourselves on developing a specialized approach or campaign plan geared to your needs.

Cities, Schools
& Public Agencies

We represent cities, K-12 school districts, community college districts, counties, special assessment districts, and other public agencies throughout California.
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LEG specializes in grassroots advocacy campaigns and broad-based Coalition Building. We shape public attitudes by crafting compelling messages and recruiting effective allies.

& Candidates

We are “hands-on” general consultants that participate daily in every strategic aspect of your election, forming a partnership that works for each individual relationship.

& Media Relations

LEG provides a multi-disciplinary, innovative approach to earned media and public information campaigns to address your unique needs.

In this day and age, consumers, voters, or opinion leaders are no longer influenced by direct mail, telemarketing, or media alone. We combine creative mail and media techniques with old fashioned grassroots organizing to inform the public of your agenda.

All of our clients-including labor unions, elected officials, political candidates, private industry, and public agencies use this service. Opinion leaders respond best to public pressure and influence. Motivating staff in your company, labor union, or public agency ensures greater success for your objectives in the long-run. A strong volunteer network is also an effective political campaign tool.

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