About us


Our Vision

The Lew Edwards Group was co-founded in 1997 by Lloyd A. Edwards and Catherine Lew to improve the quality of life in local communities.  We believe the public should be engaged as an active participant affecting social change and influencing key policy decisions at the local, state and national level.  This work can be challenging, but is more important and gratifying than ever. We are proud of our 20 years of service and continue to be energized by the work ahead.

LEG selects clients who demonstrate a vision and commitment to serving local communities.  Our firm is committed to long-term social action and community empowerment. LEG believes that community organizing and engagement works hand in hand with traditional media, social/new media, and other communications tactics.  LEG counsels clients to build and maintain a community network that sustains itself, creating an infrastructure for ongoing political, organizing and community empowerment initiatives that extends far beyond the life of a given project or political campaign.